Mudra is a comprehensive BSC DeFi Asset Manager

Mudra offers exciting products for BSC token developers and investors.

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Mudra Manager offers exciting product for investors and developers.

Mudra Research

For Early Investors: Research a newly launched token before your buy.

Mudra Liquidity Locker

For Developers: Lock liquidity pool (LP) tokens securely in a cost-effective way.

Mudra Discover

For Early Investors: Discover new investment opportunities before any marketing or listing.

Mudra Token Locker

For Developers: Lock any BEP20 token for team vesting.

Mudra Research

Get valuable insights for BSC tokens! Learn more.

Please note this is not an investment recommendation. This research is best applicable for newly released tokens.

Mudra Liquidity Locker

Lock and Manage your liquidity for BSC tokens securely. Featured in Yahoo! Finance and trusted by 1000+ projects! Learn more.

Celebrating 2 Years of Unwavering Trust & Excellence - Over 100K Liquidity Locks & Counting! Read our feature in the news. Updated: Sep 2023

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Mudra Lock Certificate

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Mudra Token Locker

Lock your BSC/ BEP-20 token! The advanced token locker for team vesting.

Mudra Discover

Be the first to discover new BSC token investment opportunities! Learn more.

Please note this is not an investment recommendation. We strongly recommend reading full Mudra Research report and doing your own diligence before investing.

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    No recent opportunities discovered.

Mudra Token Creator

Create your own BSC/ BEP-20 token! The most advanced token minter at the most affordable prices.

Mudra Premium

Hold Mudra and enjoy premium features on Mudra utilities.

You can buy directly on PancakeSwap. Token Contract Address: 0xd0C1d18f091B182B80f342C654280B9004c0b124

10% tax will be applied on Mudra transactions. Entire tax amount is used to add liquidity for Mudra.

Hold value of a wallet may change based on the realtime price of Mudra token.


Hold $0 worth of Mudra

  • Basic token insights on Mudra Research
  • Advanced token insights on Mudra Research
  • Early access to opportunities on Mudra Discover
  • Delayed access to opportunities on Mudra Discover
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